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How does the app work?

In order to turn any program, project or change process into a success it is vital to know how engaged every team member is. What do you think is going great? Are you actively participating? How are you getting along with others such as partners or stakeholders? What obstacles do you experience and how do you deal with them?

Unfortunately, we typically don’t see or speak to one another on a daily basis. And if we do, we tend to talk about operational matters. Which is useful and understandable. Yet, we also need to talk about the quality of our cooperation as a team. With En-Gager you have an easy to use tool to measure and track the ‘cooperative KPI’s’ of your project. Tracking these on En-Gager gives you a way to discuss what is really going on in the team beyond operational issues. This way, you will be able to spot and solve collaborative issues faster. It will help you to learn together and to maintain team cooperative contact, even when team members are widely –perhaps globally- dispersed. Finally, using En-Gager is fun: each participation earns adds points toward reaching a collectively determined ‘prize’ !

En-Gager is an app for iOS and Android. Don’t have iOS or Android? No Problem! We also provide web access.

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