Why use En-Gager?

We believe that keeping track of cooperative agreements (‘KPI’s’) is an important predictor of success in projects, change programs and collaborations.

  • En-Gager is an instrument to quickly and simply measure your own KPI’s. Not once, but regularly over a longer period of time.
  • En-Gager helps you keep track of KPI’s. Whether it is commitment, collaboration or a complex project, we will help you keep an eye on your targets. This will help you stay on course and achieve your goals.
  • En-Gager helps you having the right conversation in order to learn and develop as a community.
  • En-Gager is owned by the community itself, not by management.
  • With En-Gager you work towards milestones. This is important because celebrating small successes helps you to get closer to the main goal.
  • En-Gager does not just tell you what happened in the past, it helps you to predict what will happen in the future when measuring commitment. This will enable you to quickly react when things tend to go off their course.
  • You will receive quick feedback. Because En-Gager asks for personal feedback with every check-in moment, this is easily made visible. This will help you to keep navigating adventures in which people make the difference.

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