En-Gager makes commitment visible!

Track, trace and predict commitment in your community. Or track your own indicators.

En-Gager is a powerful peer-to-peer aid to foster learning and cooperation in any professional community, be it a team, a project group or an entire department.

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How does En-Gager work?

En-Gager has two options: (1) use the default setting to track commitment or (2) define your 3 specific indicators to make En-Gager tailormade for your specific situation.

En-Gager helps communities track their own very specific down-to-earth cooperative agreements: 'let's do this, let's stop doing that.' Built into an app, En-Gager provides real time feedback on where the community as a whole stands on its cooperative commitments. Regular (weekly, monthly) En-Gager online and in-app reports help in monitoring your cooperation closely and provide hands-on input for your review. En-Gager helps to have the right conversations to steer your cooperative efforts. To learn together.

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Why use En-Gager?

Quick and Simple

En-Gager is an instrument to quickly and simply measure KPI’s. Not once, but regularly over a longer period of time.

Helps you keep track

En-Gager helps you keep track of KPI’s. Whether it is commitment, collaboration or a complex project, we will help you keep an eye on your targets. This will help you stay on course and achieve your goals.

Predict the future

En-Gager does not just tell you what happened in the past, it helps you to predict what will happen in the future. This will enable you to quickly react when things tend to go off their course.


You will get quick feedback. Because En-Gager asks for personal feedback with every check-in moment, this is easily made visible. This will help you to keep navigating adventures in which people make the difference.

Here's what others had to say…

En-Gager is an outstanding tool to measure the development of a growing team.

Erwin Meinders - CEO Mentech Innovation

En-Gager is a great tool to track commitment and stress in development teams.

Bart Monhemius - Lead Software Engineer Mentech Innovation

The app will help you...

Check out what you can do with En-Gager!

Improve the atmosphere at your workplace

Employees are able to give feedback, encouraging them to speak up

Keep track of how everyone is feeling

Employees can input their weekly opinion about their pride, involvement and participation

Get a clear overview of your teams contribution

The En-Gager app will provide you with clear graphs of your team's statistics

Customize the En-Gager app

En-Gager will customize the app to your needs, allowing your employees to have a personalized experience


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